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Mystiqview Border Collies

ANKC Registered

We have been a registered breeder with ANKC (Dogs Australia) since 2004. We are a small kennel that do not breed often.


All our breeding dogs are fully health tested prior to breeding. I am passionate about the overall health and conformation (structure) of my breed. There are many issues for both health and structure (conformation) of our breed. Keeping abreast of current health issues, development and advances in health testing protocols and ensuring only quality animals are selected are paramount. We will never sacrifice health and conformation to satisfy trending colour fads.


We are constantly researching and keeping abreast of developments within the breed, health testing and best practice for raising happy, healthy and well adjusted puppies. We utilise "Puppy Culture" protocols to ensure all our puppies leave with solid foundations to meet the challenges in their new home.

Lifetime Support

We stand by our breeding and our dogs and always happy to offer care, advice and ongoing support to the owners and their furry companions.

Authorised DNA Collection Agent

I  am an Authorised DNA Collection Agent for Dogs Queensland. Please contact me if you need your dog or puppies swabbed for disease, trait or parentage verification.

All my dogs are thoroughly DNA tested for all the current panel of genetic disorders affecting the breed, and their profiles are kept up to date when new disease markers are identified. To know more about the genetic issues affecting the breed, please click on the image above.

Puppy Culture Protocols used here

All our puppies are raised using “Puppy Culture” protocols and guidelines to ensure they have the necessary tools to be social, well adapted individuals in their new homes. To learn more, please click on the image above to learn about what the “Puppy Culture” journey is all about and why so many breeders are embracing these principles.

Conformation | Performance | Companion

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